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GO Conference: Pragmatism & Justice in Global Order

On the 11th of June 2015, the Global Order Project held its first interdisciplinary conference, in cooperation with students and experts of the Universities of Harvard, Maastricht and Freiburg. As the initiator of the Global Order Project, Luis Moreno Ocampo was present at the conference as an honorary guest. 

The Theme: The Conference Theme was “Pragmatism and Justice in Global Order.” One of the questions addressed was whether our current Global Order can be judged as ‘just,’ according to various definitions of justice. Moreover, many fields arguably do not aim so much at justice, but rather at an effective working of the international system per se. Therefore, the other concept that was discussed is ‘pragmatism.’ As pragmatism needs to be seen as a ‘way of achieving one’s aims,’ the question was asked: what are the implicit or explicit objectives behind pragmatic approaches to Global Order? Moreover, is pragmatism in this sense compatible with the aim of ‘justice’? 

While these concepts and questions were the connecting points of the conference, they were more narrowly defined anddebated within the respective presentations during the conference. Click on the tracks above to find more specific material.



The Speakers:


Luis Moreno Ocampo, First Chief Prosecutor of the ICC

Prof. Dr. Peter van den Bossche, WTO Appellate Body Member

Hans von Sponeck, Former Assistant UN General Secretary

Prof. Dr. Christian Kreiß, University Aalen

Ronald Tinnevelt, University Nijmegen

Dr. Teun Dekker, University College Maastricht

Stoyan Panov, University College Freiburg



Students presenting will be:


Alexandra Garcia Tabanero, LL.M. (Harvard)

Andreas Eibelshäuser, UCM

Birte Strunk, UCM

Cleo Meinicke, UCM

Sofie Roehrig, UCM

Valentijn Wibaut, UCM

Max Wilken, UCM

Azia Lafleur, UCM

The Global Order as a Camping Trip

presented by Teun Dekker

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