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The topic for the Global Order Project for 2017-2018 is 'Security Challenges in the Global Order'. In the context of constant and rapid modernisation, securitisation concerns and understandings are expanding beyond their classical conceptualisations. Through excursions and talks by experts, we hope to develop our understanding of security topics in different regions, through a critical and interdisciplinary approach. Thereby, we hope to prepare ourselves to plan the conference that is set for later this year.

For more information on the conference regarding participation and publications, stay tuned to our website.

NATO School Oberammergau

April 26, 2018

"Collective defence, cooperative security and crisis management": NATO and Security in Europe

While discussing 'Security' in a global context, it is imperative to consider one of the largest and most renowned security collaborations in the world; NATO. We reached out to the NATO School in Oberammergau to learn about and understand the concerns that they prioritize for securitisation, not only in the general global context, but more specifically in the European context. We met with representatives of the institute and course instructors to get a view into what they constitute to be security concerns, specifically in the context of Europe. 

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Marshall Center: European Center for European Security

April 26, 2018

"a vital instrument of German-American cooperation": Analysing regional security concerns

Following the trip to the NATO School in Oberammergau, we were hosted by the Marshall Center for an afternoon consisting of a tour of the base and a presentation by a member of the Public Relations Office.  The representative of the institute gave us an overview of the historical relevance of the Marshall Centre and the reasons why the institute gives importance to German-U.S. cooperation and the participation of experts from all over the world in order to develop a constantly evolving understanding of security.. As it is a follow up to our trip to the NATO school, we hoped to build up and juxtapose security conceptualizations from both these institutes. Thereby, we aimed at improving our understanding of regional security in the European and German context and prepare for our conference in June.

The visit consisted of a tour of the facility and a presentation on the current standing of the Marshall Centre followed by a tour of their library which consisted of an archive of old reports, research and newspaper catalogs dating back to 1948. A special point of interest was their archive of Soviet propaganda and newspaper publications consolidated in their facility. 

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European Youth Event 2018

May 31, 2018

the future of Europe: EYE2018

With a tempestuous atmosphere hovering over Europe, the need to engage with and discuss the concerns, that have not only persisted over recent history but have come to the forefront due to a uncertain geopolitical climate, has become crucial. A group of 20 students from our Project signed up to take part in the EYE2018, to meet with European decision makers and other members of the European and international youth, to dive into concerns for the future. 

The event provides a range of topics and activities that the members can take part in, including those on 'security' from multiple perspectives. 

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